- Clinic designed to see those patients with mild / moderate symptoms, or who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and who are unable to be seen by their usual GP

- Minimal patient interaction with each other and hence minimal risk of cross infection

- Comprehensive doctor assessment and management 

- Ability to conduct swab for COVID19 on site in dedicated separate room if required

- Each room cleaned as per infection control guidelines

- Ensure PPE is used effectively and efficiently

The clinic is established to provide dedicated services to people with mild to moderate respiratory symptoms (including fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and fatigue tiredness) and provide acute medical care for COVID19 positive patients. 


Attendance is by appointment only.

All patients will be triaged and assessed by the overseeing GP. Patients will be instructed to ring / text on arrival in the car park and be let in to the clinic directly into their relevant assessment room.


There will be no waiting room on site where patients will be in contact with each other and hence risk of cross infection from anyone else is minimal.


If a swab for COVID-19 is required then this will be conducted on site in a separate dedicated swabbing room that is cleaned down after each patient.  Any conditions diagnosed will be managed by the GP on site as necessary and referred back to the patients' regular GP. 


All staff in contact with patients will be provided with be in full personal protective equipment (PPE) and have been through the relevant training to ensure patients and their own health is protected.